1. The Current Season I Am In pt. 1

    2024-05-17 19:32:06 UTC
    It’s been a minute since I’ve updated my blog, but trust me, a LOT has happened in the meantime. The last time I blogged was at the very beginning of 2023. Back then, I was a photo editor for Getty Images with plenty of free time due to my fully…

  2. Trying Something New (Again)

    2023-01-27 17:02:24 UTC
    One of my goals for 2023 was to pick up film photography. Many don’t know this, but I got a film camera at the top of 2020 (pre-pandemic) with the same goal. It broke after only using it one time. After that, I was like “Ok, maybe it’s not for…

  3. Whose Fear Is This?

    2022-12-28 22:31:28 UTC
    Let me start by saying this; uncertainty is scary. Feeling the weight of all of our choices is pressuring. But something that I encountered this year was the realization that this fear and pressure I carried may not be mine. So that brings me to wonder, who does it belong…

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