Trying Something New (Again)

One of my goals for 2023 was to pick up film photography. Many don’t know this, but I got a film camera at the top of 2020 (pre-pandemic) with the same goal.

It broke after only using it one time.

After that, I was like “Ok, maybe it’s not for me,” I have been only shooting with digital cameras ever since. In the last quarter of 2022, I was getting the urge to pick up film again. So for Christmas, I got myself a Mamiya rb67. For someone who has barely shot film before, this was pretty ambitious. If you know, you know. But something told me that this time it would be different. I have successfully taught myself digital photography so why not?

My first two shoots all came back out of focus and severely underexposed. Trust me when I say I just had to laugh at the $90 worth of film and development that went down the drain. 

However, this time I feel much more optimistic. I feel like this experience reflects a deeper understanding of trying new things and picking up something that you failed at before. With digital photography, I got a little better every shoot I did. Not being able to succeed, even a little, is new to me in this space. 

It is scary, but the good kind. I am truly looking forward to getting better at this. It’s just expensive as hell!!! 

I hope to start accepting smaller film commissions by the spring/summer seasons.

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